Berkhamsted Citizens Association

Encouraging participation in civic life

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About Us

Berkhamsted Citizens help to ensure Berkhamsted and its surroundings remain an interesting and pleasant place to live, work and visit. Over the 100 years of its existence the BCA has involved itself in many aspects of the life of the town, for example, the restoration of the Town Hall, and the Rex cinema; and urban tree planting. To this end we work with other local interest groups.

Where necessary we have challenged, and sometimes supported, councils in their local duties, most particularly in the planning process. We have participated in the Local Development Plan and we regularly comment on local planning applications, most often those in conservation areas in Berkhamsted Town and Northchurch.

The BCA also represents residents on other organisations, arranges evening talks and Hustings for General Elections, runs the Best Dressed Shop Window competition for the Festival of Light in the run-up to Christmas, organises the annual Environment Award, and has published successive editions of the respected and widely used Berkhamsted Footpath Map.


There are many challenges to the environment and character of Berkhamsted, Northchurch and the surrounding countryside. These will inevitably affect YOU.

If you want to know what is going on in your area and have a say in its future, join us!

Our aims are to:

  • Encourage civic engagement
  • Reinforce community spirit
  • Support good design and promote the concept of ‘place’
  • Enrich our natural and built environments.