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Current membership fees are as follows:

Single/Household: £10 per annum

Simply click the button on screen to become a member of the Berkhamsted Citizens Association. We will not store of have access to your credit/debit card details.

After clicking Subscribe, you will be taken to our secure and encrypted payment processing page. You will get membership in year one for at least a year on the 1st January annually and we will contact you to pay via our bank account of cheque for the annual subscription.

If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time by contacting our treasurer at:

Life Members

Life Memberships are awarded to individuals and their spouses to acknowledge extraordinary service to the Association, for example long service on the Committee or more than one 2-year stint as Chairman.

The current Life Members are as follows:

Mr. Guy Moores (since 1986)

Mr. Norman Binks (since 1987)

Mr. Giles Clark (since 1998)

Mrs. Miranda Cummins (since 2000)

Mr. Christopher Talbot-Ponsonby (since 2006)

Mr. Bill Willett (since 2008)

Mrs. Jenny Sherwood (widow of Ken; since 2010)

Miss Rita Jones (since 2011)

Mr. Graham Spittle (since 2014)

Mrs. Susan Johnson (since 2014)

Mr. Gordon Bluck (since 2016)

Mrs. Beryl Edwards (since 2016)

Mrs. Christine Manning (since 2018)

Mrs. Lindy Weinreb (since 2022)

Dr. James Moir (since 2022)